Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Capsule Reviews 5/5/10

BULLETS OF LOVE (2001) Chinese crime film about a a cop who arrests a crime lord. His girlfriend is the prosecutor but she only gets a partial conviction. The Crime lord vows revenge and dispatches some one to kill them. The hit only ends up killing the girlfriend and the cop heart broken retires. A short time later he makes the acquaintance of a girl who looks exactly like his lost love. What happens from there is the movie. Good small scale movie that kind of is hurt by a DVD box description which gives too much away. Its got great action, great twists and the sort of thing you won't mind watching again.

UNCONSCIOUS (2006) good idea messy telling. This is one of those off the beaten track films that is a near hit close enough if you can get it on cable or as a cheap rental. The premise is that a burn victim is brought into a hospital with no identity. Various people show up looking to see if its a missing person in their life and what happens before and after. Its all told in a flashback as a couple of police detectives tell us what happens. Its on odd way of doing things that stretches it all out. As I said it just misses, but its worth seeing because its so different.

THE CANYON (2009) is about what happens when a couple of vacationers hire a guide to take them in a canyon and how it all goes wrong. Yea you've seen variations on this before, but at the same time this just does what it does well and then gets off. Not many surprises, but at the same time its worth a bowl of popcorn and a soda on a rainy Saturday night.

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