Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Capsule Reviews 5/19/10

THE OGRE (2008) A pair of teens on the road find they have traveled back in time to a place where an undying community lives forever thanks to sacrifices to the title character. Low Budget TV movie of the sort that SYFY shows on Saturday nights. High art its not. But enjoyable it is, at least when taken on its low brow level.

WARBIRDS (2008) During World War Two a plane on a secret mission is forced to land on an uncharted island by a change in the weather. There they find that the island was once the stronghold of some Japanese who have been eaten by some flying dinosaurs. They are forced to fight for survival using what ever means they have (dinosaurs vs zeroes). Enjoyable romp that is played pretty straight with the result its a winning little adventure film that is utterly implausible but a great deal of fun. Get out the popcorn and enjoy.

DRAGONQUEST (2009) Rare good low budget fantasy about a young man who tries to stop an evil wizard who has woken up a sleeping dragon so he can destroy the countryside. Its a rare mixture of good performances, effects and a script that truly is worth plopping sown in front of the TV and watching. I started to watch this thinking it would be like any number of other fantasies that are little more than background noise. What I found instead was a neat little film that was worth the time and effort to not only watch but share. Since there are an number of films with the same title look for the one directed by Mark Atkins and has Jason Connery and Marc Singer in it.

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