Thursday, May 31, 2012

Assassination of JFK Jr (2005)

My friend Lou handed me a copy of this film saying you like conspiracies try this...

I didn’t expect this look at the death of JFK Jr to be so compelling. Yes, it had the Lou Seal of Approval, but I was certain that this was going to be a conspiracy theory that simply didn’t hold up. Amazingly it seems to.

Okay, ignore the talk of Nazi’s, the Bushes and other shadowy forces being behind the plot. Honestly there is no real evidence for anyone having killed John John presented, just wild talk, also ignore the glaring factual error about the Presidential primary going on a year too early.

What I find intriguing is that more than 911, more than 7/7 (the London Bombings), more than almost any other alleged conspiracy this one seems to have something to it…or if not to it a revelation of extreme incompetence.

The story is that John, his wife and sister in law traveled from New Jersey to Martha's Vineyard. However just off the coast of the Vineyard the plane disappeared. When a search was started (4 hours after he was reported missing) they had no concrete notion of where he might have been. They finally found the wreck site after wreckage started washing up on the shore.

The problem with the official story is that it has holes in it.

First authorities first said that they had spoken to John around 930, then later said there was no contact. They then claimed that they had no radar fix on where the plane was, except that a radar reconstruction of the plane existed and showed the crash site. Third they claimed no one contacted them, except that people started calling at 10 pm, a half an hour after they were expected and a half an hour after the last known radio contact. Everyone seemed not to be concerned and not to move even after Senator Ted Kennedy made efforts to get the ball rolling. Most curious of all was the fact that in the official report the fuel flow valve was found in the off position. While this would have turned off the engine it wouldn’t have caused a direct downward dive into the ocean.

I have no idea what it means, but it’s a damn curious. It’s the sort of potential real life mystery that gets the mind going.

I’m not going to say I now subscribe to the theory, but it has made me curious enough that I’m going to look further into it.

If you want a head trip film that will make you go Hmmm. Give this film a try. It can be found on You Tube, Google video and other outlets.

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