Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday Night at the Korean Cultrural Service FREE screening : Forbidden Quest.

Tuesday's free film in the Korean Cultural Services series of free screenings is Forbidden Quest from the director of The Servant , Doae-woo Kim which played four weeks back. (A review of that film is coming soon).

This is a bawdy tale set in the Korean royal court about the greatest writer of his age and a court official, who turns to writing erotic books as a means of finding success. The trouble is erotic books, while popular are banned. Worse his ill advised orbiting of the queen is leaking into his tale and raising suspicions.

This is a good little film that I recommend if you want a very adult tale that you can see and forget the kids for a while.

You’ll forgive me for not reviewing the film more fully, but Mondocurry has asked for that honor so I’ll leave the review to him.

If you want to check the film out yourself the screening is at the Tribeca Cinemas on Tuesday the 5th at 7pm, Doors open at 630 and are purely first come first serve.

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