Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The FREE SAMPLES (2012) are poisoned Tribeca 2012

I saw this despite being warned it was a stinker. Several people who saw this at one of the press screenings talked about how bad the film was. Stupidly, I thought how bad could it be?

Well, I found out.

Obnoxious young woman who has dropped out of law school (for a semester) is asked by a friend to man an ice cream truck for a morning while she is off being part of a substance abuse intervention. This results in the young woman being visited by a steady stream of customers and friends.

This is dreadful film. It has obnoxious brain dead characters, pay check performances and a script that is so polished any humor has been removed. Its a film that has all the ear marks of being the work of a not very talented guy with lots of famous friends bringing them together to make a movie. Some people shouldn't be coddled.

For all the unkind words that I have for the finished product, and I have a great many, the ultimate problem is that the film feels like its a series of well polished sketches and blackouts randomly strung together. Had this been Laugh In this might have worked, but as a feature this really sucks. You can almost feel the rim shots after some bits. In better hands these bits might have been strung together into a film that worked... alas that wasn't what happened here.

It doesn't help that the level of humor is frequently beyond juvenile, with a running joke concerning a couch cushion that was peed on by one of the girls boyfriend.

It can't be stressed that the lead character is jerk. She's just a jerk and you can understand why she has few friends and most of those are drunkards. 90 minutes with her is an eternity.

Say no to these Free Samples.

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