Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Capsule Reviews Horror (5/16/12)

Silent House (2010)
Single take horror movie, which was just remade (badly), about a woman who goes to her families old home with her father where he is attacked and she goes on the run. This film is ofinterestand works because of the fact that the film is actually two single takes (or what looks like). One is the main film and the other is post end credits sequence. It's creepy because you know that what we are seeing is the result of knowing that there are no cuts or "tricks" (which of course there are). That said I'm not sure about the film as a whole. I kind of got lost as to what was happening at times. Its not bad, but with out the gimick it wouldn't amount to much.

Vampire's Ghost(1945)
John Abbot is a vampire in the African Jungle who runs a gambling den and feasts on the natives. When things begin to turn bad for him he takes control of a man who discovers his secret and then tries to run off with a woman he fancies. A much derided film in many circles reveals itself to be an okay little thriller which works more for it's off beat setting then anything else. Sure it's slightly different than most other vampire takes and Abbott is certainly an unsexy vampire, but at the same time it kind of works on it's own terms. High art it's not, a spooky distraction for an hour it is.

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