Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Human Centepede 2 (Full Sequence) (2011)

Vile disgusting and just plain wrong sequel to one of the stupidest films ever made is a brilliant reinvention of the premise.

The film has a worm like attendant in a parking garage, who loves Human Centipede deciding to make his own version, for real, and simply kidnapping and killing people in order to do so.

Its a minimalist plot that shouldn't work but does thanks to great photography, a creepy lead character and several set pieces that are just unpleasantly wrong. It also makes no logical sense expect in it's own world (mind) which is enough.

This film is wrong on so many levels it somehow pulls enough of itself together to actually become an endurance test that is almost worth subjecting yourself to. Far worse than you can imagine, thanks to the black and white photography this is almost as unpleasant a film as I've seen in a while. I say this with a certain amount of respect because had the film been in color the film wouldn't have worked at all.

Honestly the film works best in the set pieces, the various murders, and even the final climatic sequence just get under your skin with there own dreamlike logic. There is also something about the perfection of the final image which is completely unexpected (It's an ending that makes complete sense).

That the film worked shocked me, and it gets a few extra points for that.

Is it something I recommend? No clue. I think the nastiness will turn off 99% of the people looking at it, on the other hand the whole meta experience will work for those who like unpleasant things and vile human behavior.

You're on your own.

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