Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beyond the Hill (2011) Tribeca 2012

A controlling patriarch is visited by one of his sons and grandsons. As they spend an afternoon and evening together tensions come to the surface as family problems are revealed and a constant "conflict" with the local nomads boils over.

Beautiful to look at film is full the gorgeous Turkish countryside. Unfortunately it's also full of many pregnant pauses and deep meaningful glances and lines of dialog. It's exactly the sort of art house film that I really can't stand, aching to be be about something greater than just the characters on the screen. We're clearly in for a deep revealing afternoon and evening and the film goes to great lengths to telegraph the emotion via a slightly jumbled story line that has little clips out of context replay later on in context. It's also clear that all of the families was are going to be revealed on this one fateful day.

I was bored. I wanted something to happen other than for the film to steadfastly insist it was going to tell me something important...or if it was going to be deep and revealing I wanted it to be something truly meaningful, but that didn't seem likely.

Actually I started to nod off, and with four more films on my schedule for the day I saw this I got up and walked out about an hour in.

If you'd like to see the Turkish countryside I say go for it, but if you want a film to hold you're attention I'd say skip it.

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