Monday, May 21, 2012

Collapse (2009)

Collapse is Michael Ruppert , ex-police officer and researcher sitting in a chair and talking for 80 minutes. The subject of his talk is the imminent collapse of society as we know it. Ruppert warns us that we are rapidly running out of oil, that the financial system is broken and that everything we are doing is putting us into a death spiral which will only lead to a complete break down of everything. Its not a pretty picture.

While I’m not too sure I accept all of what Ruppert says, there is no denying that many things he says, specially about the financial situation of the world, run a bit too close to what is happening now. There is something about what he’s saying that is troubling. Seeing the film gave me pause. However as I said, I’m not sure I buy it all.

Forgive me for playing the skeptic, but having dwelled in the fringes of human thought for decades I have seen that it is very easy to talk for an hour or so on any subject and make things sound plausible, only to have it all fall apart upon deeper review. Pick any conspiracy from the last 40 years, JFK, MLK, 911 and look at it, but once you get to the details it falls apart (One 911 theory relies on the film Loose Change to say that there was no wreckage of a plane at the Pentagon –they say the damage was done by a missile- only Loose Change goes on in great detail talking about the plane wreckage found at the Pentagon) I have not done a any research into Ruppert’s story but there is something about the neatness of it that I find keeps me from a complete blind panic, probably because I’m not sure where the facts stop and Ruppert’s speculation (and perhaps lucky guesses) begin.

Real or mind game I’m intrigued and unsettled. Could this be where we are headed?

Anything is possible.

Say what you will its food for thought.

If you want to visit out possible dark future I recommend you give this film a try.

If not switch on your TV and see the latest Golden Girls rerun...and keep in mind that Ruppert is happier now that he isn't dwelling in these dark places.

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