Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zoo (2007) (Adult and possibly disturbing content)

This is a documentary on a group of animal lovers brought to light when one of their number was killed when a horse had sex with him.

The audio is real, the rest is recreation, the result is a oddly undisturbing-or perhaps disturbing because its not so disturbing tale of a group of people who love animals and the event that shattered their world.

In some ways its more an essay than a regular documentary. Its not a conventional nonfiction film. I'm still trying to get my head around what I just saw. I'm not disturbed by it or the actions of the people in the least, I am however shocked at how even handed the film is. Its not so much about the sex, its about people following their hearts and trying to find a place to belong and what happens when the calm of your world is shattered. We also see how the outside world over reacts to the events (which were not illegal when the death occurred) as people try to get their heads around things which they don't understand even remotely. As one of the guys says "why was I okay one day and evil the next? What changed?" Its given me a great deal to mull over on any number of levels.

If films should provoke a reaction then its a winner, if great films are suppose to make you think then its a great film. On that level its an 8 out of 10. On any other level I'm going to have to let you work it out for yourself.

(And no, it's not visually graphic)

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