Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7X7 Award

I was given this award by Russ over at FilmsRuss, one of my favorite film blogs. He gave it to me just as Tribeca amped up so I've had to sit on this for a couple of weeks.

Rule #1:
Tell everyone something that no-one else knows about you.
No one? There is nothing that that no one knows.Some one pretty much knows all of the bits with one person knowing more than most. Movie-wise? Blog-wise? I'm in Woody Allen movie The Front if you know where to look. Proving I'm older than dirt, I'm one of the kids in the school scene. The more interesting bit aside from getting to watch Woody all day, was I got lost in the NYC public school it was filmed in and they had to send a search party out to find me less I get left behind.

Rule #2:
Link to one of the posts that you personally think best fits the following categories:

Most Beautiful Piece
I don't think I've done an entire piece that's beautiful. This not being an art blog I don't have any art that is beautiful. All I can do is put together some words and perhaps turn a clever phrase. I know there are a couple of phrases that I have coming up that are`really cool...and I promise to add them when the run (and see them again), but for now you'll have to take it on faith that there are some really clever twists of phrase scattered here and there through out the blog. (I could wait until a great phrase comes up but I've been sitting on this for over a month trying to come up with something and I don't want to hold it any longer.

Most Helpful Piece
A cheat. Any post that directed someone to a film that they never would have found otherwise is the most helpful post. Unseen Films is all about trying to point out good films people might never have seen otherwise. If any post has done that then the blog has succeeded.

The question isn't what do I think is helpful, rather what have you found helpful?

Most Popular Piece
Technically the most popular piece on the the blog is my Peter Pan post however I suspect many of those hits are the result of the picture attached to it. The one that I know gets the hits because it's for the writing is my Grave Encounters review. This was the first film I saw at a Tribeca press screening and it blew me away, as it has blown away many other people.

Most Contoversaial Piece
I'm sure I've taken heat for other things I've done, but the First Winter piece is probably the one that provoked the biggest reaction. I know once the piece hit Yahoo Movies I got instant feed back from a few people who said "I liked what you said..." or "You're the guy..." and the one thing most people said was "I can't believe you actually said that...". Yes, yes I did.

Most SurprisinglySuccessful Piece
I am amazed that any number of my pieces work. Doing this blog is an unending series of surprises. If I had to pick one post it would have to be the one I did for Black Venus and Mysteries of Lisbon two years ago. Lisbon was one of the first times I ever went to an actual press screening. Black Venus was one of those memorable evenings you only hear about. I mean I actually got to report on an audience wanting to kill a film's director. (Mindboggling, Black Venus has been chosen as the representative of 2010 at a retrospect of NYFF films)

Most Underrated Piece
I don't know. I would probably say that the least appreciated posts I have done are probably the capsule reviews. I know people dismiss them because it's just a few lines on film, but just bcause I've only written a few line that doesn't mean the films aren't good. There are several short pieces relating to Tribeca from the three years I've attended that have some of the best films from the festival in them. I mean Into Eternity was only reviewed as a capsule but its a freaking haunting film.

Most Pride-Worthy Piece
A cheat here. For this I have to say that its any piece written by my fellows here at Unseen Films. The mere fact that I have managed to worm reviews, essays and photos out of all of the people in the sidebar amazes the hell out of me. As I have said to all of them, I don't get paid for doing this, I just get to read posts by some of my favorite writers. That I have managed to trick these womderful people into writing for the blog is what fills me with the most pride.

Pass this award on to 7 other bloggers
Okay-Everyone else at Unseen- your turn- feel free to post here or at your own blogs.

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