Tuesday, October 16, 2012

El Violador Infernal (1988)

DB here with a warning for those who are coming to Unseen expecting more films on the artistic level of the New York Film Festival.- This isn't one of them

I set this week up before the festival started since I wasn't sure what condition I was going to be in as both the festival and New York Comiccon wound down. This week was planned as an antidote to the New York FIlm Festival. The idea was that after three weeks of largely high brow films I would program films  at the other end of the spectrum.  It was supposed to be a cleansing of the palate.

As regular readers know we at Unseen Films cover the entire spectrum of films. We don't shy away from any corner dark or light.  On the other hand some of you maybe coming across Unseen's darker corners for the first time, some of you maybe coming from some of our New York Film Festival coverage.- to that end I just want to give anyone expecting another high brow film a warning, El Violador Infernal, isn't a high brow film, it's as low as you can go. Its a cruel nasty and ugly film and not for all tastes.  On the other hand if you  you like films that are decidedly not for anything approaching polite company read on.

Taken out of the electric chair and given a new life by a demoness a man must rape and kill constantly in order to remain faithful to his evil contract. However the string of bodies he leaves behind has caught the notice of the police who try to find the mad man who is killing the men and women.

I saw this in Spanish with no subtitles but since the plot was so minimal none are really required. I think the only thing lost are the details, otherwise its easy to follow.

The question is is it worth following? If you are not into low budget psychotronic movies I'd stay away. I'd also stay away if rape upsets you. This is brutal stuff, even if its not always expertly brought off. With the exception of two thieves everyone, killed, male and female is raped before they are stabbed and 666 is carved in their back. Its repetitive but nasty and certainly not the type of movie you'd want to play for polite company (unless you want them to leave fast). Made with a minimum of skill the film really isn't bad so much as dumb. Once the premise is set up its just variations of the same thing over and over again. The filmmakers seemed to be aware of this and gave the killer a death ray that he could shoot from his eyes.

I don't know how to rate or react to this film. Its a bit too repetitive and misogynistic to really be enjoyable and yet there is something so wacky and brain damaged about it that makes it worth trying; particularly for those who are into movies that any reasonable person would avoid.  If you like twisted films on the edge, this films is for you.

(An explanation- the opening warning was in reaction to a friend of mine reading this piece early this morning and questioning if I really wanted to post this piece. While I can question doing so so close to the NYFF, since I may have scared the new arrivals, I really don't have a problem posting the review, since, questionable subject matter aside, the film is worth seeing for those who like this sort of thing.)

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  1. I had to watch clips from the film for my race and gender class..... I wish I could un-watch it :/