Saturday, October 13, 2012

New York Comicon Day 2- no phone

It was a long day. It began with helping my brother carry in more stuff to sell (Creatures of Delight booth 3333).

Once he was on his way in a cab I zipped up to Lincoln Center for the press screening of NO, an excellent film about how Pinochet was removed from office. (a review will post soon)

I then headed back to the convention after stopping to pick up lunch for my brother who was working the booth alone.

I should point out that I managed to leave my cellphone in the car at the train station. I mention this because it cut me off from several of the Unseen Films crew, not to mention everything else.

The day was spent wandering the floors. It was crazy. Apparently this is the new Saturday since the crowds seemed to mirror the ones usually found on Saturday. This made for some tough going as long lines at some of the booths spilled down the aisles making travel difficult.

I made several connections along the way. I spoke with several companies that produce films and got on their email lists. I did reporting sort of things and handed out cards. I think I did more press work today than the two previous years at the con when I actually had a press badge.

I ran into Hubert and Sean from Flixist several times and they talked to me about what they were seeing and doing. I saw Ken and his wife who are in from Las Vegas, for the second time this week. The first was when I took them to see Wicked as their wedding present. I met Eric,a friend of Ken's again. I met him once years ago, but we have been conversing on Twitter so it was nice to reconnect in person.

I went to a panel on the shows on These are web only shows that multi platform so you can get bonus scenes and pop ups that enhance what you are seeing. You also can say get phone calls with additional material as well.

The first program was Dirty Work. Its a show about a crime scene clean up crew. It looked amusing like any work place set comedy might be, but with the twist of crime scene clean up thrown in.

Dark Wall Looks really good. Its a horror anthology series that looks great. They said they have shot 4 episodes but have 3 more coming soon. They promised name directors (The director of Splinter did one). I have high hopes for this.

Flares is set a year after the world is plunged into darkness and the world is dying. It's supposed to be about how the loss of technology can hobble us. They said they are hoping for multi-form connections with on line stories, movies and other things connecting into the world. Right now the 17 minute pilot is up. They also said it went into production before Revolution did on NBC.

The final offering was Airship Dracula an animated series about a steam punk retelling of Dracula. the series is set on an airship as Dracula travels from Transylvania to England. They said it was Dracula meets Murder on the Orient Express. It looked great.

The best part was the Alan Tudyk intro to the trailer. It was screamingly funny as he rambled and was silly all over the place. He some how managed to pull it in and talk about the series in such away that you went WOW when it was over.

This was a real surprise since I had only stumbled in in order to just sit down. Instead I found a few things I want to watch on line.

I will say in the negative column that the lines for somethings have been a pain in the ass to navigate around, with some lines, such as the one for Anne Rice starting some 5 hours before the one hour signing window and stretching god knows how long into infinity.

I'm also annoyed with the lack of program books. Apparently they have a limited number each day and if you don't jump you don't get them. I was repeatedly told just down load it to my phone. First off my phone is in my car, and second my phone isn't smart. I had to go from room to room to find out what was when. That was a real waste of time.

Okay day 2 report is done. I'll report on day 3 tomorrow and will no doubt include mentions of breakfast with Peter Gutierrez, more Creatures of Delight and a screening of Leviathan at the NYFF.

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