Friday, October 12, 2012

New York Comiccon Day 1 or I meet Ric Meyers and go fanboy

The first day at Comiccon was odd. Half the day is set up for the merchants, and then the floor opens for  press, VIPs and 4 day pass holders. Its the quietest day and the day that that is best to walk the floor and see what is what.

My brother's company, Creatures of Delight, is selling their hand made wares. The morning for me was spent waiting to see if he needed anything brought in. They needed some creatures so a brought those in. I arrived about 3:20 with creatures and lunch in hand.

Tom was manning the booth alone and after some discussion it was decided that I would stay with him. This meant that I would have to bail on Mondocurry and the screening of Holy Motors at the NYFF. This annoyed me for two reasons, one because I wanted to see the film, which is one of the more talked about one's at the festival. And two, I wanted to spend time with Mondo since with all of my running around at NYFF I have been neglecting my friends terribly.

After Mondo picked up his press pass for Comicon, he stopped by the booth (3333 for those want to get some creatures, bags or t-shirts) and we talked before he headed off to Lincoln Center.

This was followed by arrivals by several friends of my brother's and several friends of myself (Mr C, Chocko, Hubert from Flixist).

The high point of the day was a run I made across the sales floor to pick up a limited edition toy for a friend at work. On the way back I was passing by a booth where I noticed some DVDs talking to the gentleman I was discussing what martial arts films I had and what I didn't when he said I bet you don't have my movie and he handed me a copy of Films of Fury. Looking at the cover I saw the man behind it, Ric Meyers.

I hear you going, who? Ric Meyers that's who.

Ric Meyers is someone who shaped my film going experiences. His One Week Only, a book on exploitation films shaped my love of the off beat I as tried to track down every damn movie in the book. I still am working on it.

I melted down and went fan boy on him. Here was a guy who helped me become who I am and he's talking to me about movies and stuff. Explaining Sword Identity to me in detail. He also went on in great detail about Tai Chi Zero,which I want to see and which he said has problems with the English subtitling. He then asked me if I wanted to go get a Man with an Iron Fist limited edition poster and off we went.

I was really thrown off...I mean I'm wandering around Comiccon with a guy I admire? How the hell did this happen?

I got my poster and somewhere in the confusion I realized I was limited in my ability to be away from the booth. Apologizing I told him I had to go, I was on the clock, but asked if I could come round to talk. He said yes, so off I went, knowing I would be tracking the man down again over the weekend. (Hey I need to get my For One Week Only signed and I need to pick up his martial arts film and book for someone at work as well)

My mind blown, my weekend at the con was made, I went back to cover the booth while my brother tended to business.

Okay, I'm exhausted. I have a screening at the NYFF in the morning and I have stuff to do at the convention. Reports will be in the offing- as will review of Meyers Films of Fury and a DVD of animation called Tales of Isolation which I picked up for five bucks because the animation looks wonderfully marvelously twisted.

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