Monday, October 22, 2012

Gold Coast Film Festival starts tomorrow

The Gold Coast Film Festival starts tomorrow in theaters across northern Nassau county on Long Island. We at Unseen are still trying to work out coverage (I’m trying to get some guest reviewers) . Details on the festival can be found here.

However until we can fully dig into the goodies they are putting out for us to see I do want to mention that we’ve already reviewed a few films you might want to take a look at:

Rabbi’s Cat- is Joann Sfar's film based on his graphic novel that starts with cat getting the power of speech and asking to be bar mitzvaed. This morphs into a trip across Africa. While not for younger kids, the film, has some delights for adults and older children (Warning there is blood and violence)

Don’t Stop Believin is a look at the current singer for the group Journey and how despite a decades long career he became an over night sensation. Any fan of the group must see this because it’s a great deal of fun.

Andrew Bird Fever Year follows Bird as he goes out on tour despite being very sick. While not a look at the man and his life, it’s a dynamite introduction to the man’s music.

Let Fury Have the Hour is a fantastic look how the arts reacted to the election of Ronald Reagan and the political swing to the far right. It’s a great film and wonderful snap shot of the times that will prove nostalgic if you are of a certain age…and if not it’s just a damn great film.

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