Friday, October 26, 2012

Great Indian Marriage Bazaar (2011) SAIFF 2012

I am not the sort of person to enjoy a film about weddings. Okay yes give me something like Father of the Bride and I'm happy, but a documentary about the marriage India?  Under normal circumstances I would be running for the hills, however having just seen The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar I will agree that there are times when one shouldn't run for the hills.

Beginning at the wedding of one of filmmaker Ruchika Muchhala, where she is asked by her aunts when she is getting married, the film follows Ruchika as she tries to get get a handle on Indian marriage madness by trying to find her self a mate and by following the wedding plans of two other women.

I had a blast watching this film. As I said at the top this is not my type of film, but Ruchika is such an inquisitive young woman who looks into all aspects of what it means to get married that one can't help but get dragged along. There's astrology, online dating services, hymen reconstruction, match makers, and on and on. Its crazy what it takes to find a mate and settle down in India.

But it's not just the physical acts involved, Ruchika also looks into the philosophy behind arranged marriages and all of the madness. Keep in mind, I believe, around 90% of all marriages are arranged and to some one like me who thinks its all about love, the ideas behind things being arranged may have something to them.

I really liked this film a great deal. I liked that it it covers so much material in just an hour. In it's way it a perfect primer on the Indian way of marriage. (The director is appearing at SAIFF when the screens Sunday to do a Q&A so this is sure to run for at least another hour of lively talk.)

If you're in New York on Sunday night I highly recommends you get down to the Chelsea Cinemas and pick up a ticket, not only will you be informed, but you will be entertained which is the best combination one could ask for.

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