Thursday, October 4, 2012

The next Free Korean Movie Night film is Choked (2011)

We at Unseen are hip deep in the New York Film Festival so we haven't had a great deal of time to focus on the other cinematic events going on in New York and elsewhere. You would think that we'd blow off the Free Korean Movie Nights, but we always seem to remember to at least remind you...however in this case I was lucky enough to have seen Choked several weeks ago.

Choked is the devastating story of Youn-ho. A year before his mother absconded with all of the families money, as well as the money of many other people. He simply wants to forget and live with his fiance.However while he wants to forget other people haven't and they want their money back. Caught in a no win situation Youn-ho has to deal with the damage his mother has left in her wake as he is pressured to pay her debts. As his life begins to crumble is mother is picked up by the police and everything rapidly becomes undone...

A quietly upsetting film, this is the story of how we are forced to deal with problems that are thrust upon us by the people we love, or if not love that we are some how connected to. Its a tale of pain and quiet desperation that many of us are faced with on a daily basis, though more often than not, not on this scale. Make no mistake this is not a happy tale and there were several times where I wanted to stop watching, not because the film was bad, rather because I just didn't want to be in those dark places. I didn't want the characters to be going through what they were. Alternately some of this kicked up stuff from in my life.

Chocked is a slide into Hell. Whether you want to go there is going to be your own choice. If you want to go to a dark place by all means go to the Tribeca Cinemas on Tuesday. If not there is always the next film.

Doors at 630. Movie at 7

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  1. I never heard about this korean movie before. Thanks for posting, I will try to watch it.