Saturday, October 6, 2012

NYC Horror Film Fest 2012

With Halloween just around the corner, the time has once again come to gather and celebrate the 10th annual NYC Horror Film Festival.

As someone who has attended the festival each year since it's inauguration, I can without a doubt say that if you have never been, that you are indeed missing out. Since 2002 the NYCHFF has brought out the absolute best that the independent horror scene has to offer. Leaving all other competition in the dust.

You can expect to see films from up-and-coming directors to living legends. There is always a good mix for whatever sub-genre you might be a fan of.

This years festival marks the first since the untimely and unfortunate passing of the festival director, Michael J. Hein. As someone who got to know Michael throughout the years, he was a guy that had an extreme passion for all things horror and film making. He turned a little known festival into one of the biggest in the entire country. Now with the help of the Hein family that legacy will continue to grow.

So if you are on the east coast, hell even if you aren't.. be sure to check out this years festivities. You will not be disappointed.

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