Thursday, October 25, 2012

Memento Mori (1999) is screening in a special Halloween showing of the Free Korean Movie Night series

This is a special Halloween screening of Memento Mori a  Korean horror classic. The film is actually one in a series of horror films that began with Whispering Corridors and continued on with Wishing Stairs, Voice and A Blood Pledge. The film is considered to be the best of the bunch, and one of the best K-horror films period,  The series all are set in an all girls school, and all are unrelated.

The plot of the film unfolds in non-linear fashion. It tells the tale of two girls who are romantically involved. However one of the girls can't handle the pressure and is driven to suicide. After that weird things begin to happen and it rapidly becomes clear that more was going on than first thought.

You'll forgive me for not going into a deeper discussion of the film but it's been years since I last saw the film. I do remember liking it, but I also remember it getting mixed in the other films in the series which I watched in a marathon session. I liked the film and it's related films enough that they still resonate with me even when many other films have faded from my brain, for that reason alone I recommend attending the films six nights hence if you're not going to go trick or treating yourself.

As always doors at 630 and film at 7 at the Tribeca Cinemas just off Cnal Street

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