Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Hard Day (2014)

When you think you're day is bad-consider Homicide detective Geon-soo Go- He's under investigation for corruption, his wife leaves him, his mother dies and kills someone in a car accident.He makes things worse by trying to hide the body-in his mothers coffin- only to get calls that someone has seen his crime(and that's just the start things get worse) Obviously some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

This is exactly the sort of over the top crazy ass thriller that the Korean film industry excels at- you know stuff so insane it makes no logical sense but which is so incredibly compelling and charged up you can't stop watching. You can't believe the things that get thrown at Go, even god threw Job a break once in a while. Its the anything can happen feel that keeps you watching.

This is a great thrill ride of a film. It starts and just goes until the final fade out. Its one of those films that I had such a good time watching that I can't wait until it hits home video so I can see it a couple dozen more times.

A great deal of fun.

The film opens in New York Friday with a national release to follow.

The film also plays this Sunday at Fantasia in Montreal.

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