Saturday, July 4, 2015

I'm skipping a big report on Fridays NYAFF events.

Yesterday I spent almost 11 hours in the dark watching five films at NYAFF.  I was planning on writing an uber post that covered all the films and the events however other than being with the infamous Joe Bendel for RED AMNESIA and Stan for BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR OR HUMANITY there isn't much to report.  It was just movies and giveaways....and that if you go to the Walter Reade Theater lobby during the festival's time at Lincoln Center you can buy tickets for the SVA portion of the festival for 25% off.

Actually the one big deal was Marc Walkow returned to the stage to introduce BATTLES .... giving a great deal of information on the film  and announcing that Arrow will be releasing the new box set-which Marc put together- with new interviews, new docs and 100 plus page book of essays. Based on what Marc said about the film on stage this is going to be one hell of a well researched and informative set. I'm seriously considering replacing my current box set with the 13 disc set

I was then planning on doing one piece that was capsules of the four films I hadn't previously reviewed (I reviewed BATTLES... Wednesday) but the pieces ended up too long so I'm going put the four pieces up over the next few days. For now that's it- we have more screenings to get to so keep reading.

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