Sunday, July 19, 2015

No Nightcap this week

There is no nightcap this week because I simply don't have the time.

If you haven't notice Japan Cuts is ending, Fantasia is in full force and there are tons of new releases this week.

I'm going crazy- loving it- but going nuts

The one thing that is making me nuts is the pieces from Fantasia are going long. I'm finish a film going I'll get a paragraph or two on the film and then writing a novel- or whats a novel compared to NYAFF and Japan Cuts pieces. Say what you will even if the films aren't good, Fantasia is throwing up some interesting stuff.

A word on the reviews- I can not post anything until the day the film screens. I'm somewhere around Wednesday as far a reviews are concerned. I'm working a head as best as I can.

I will not be able to see everything. Well given an extra three weeks I could but I have until August 4th to see all that I can. I think that means something close to 40 Fantasia films in 16 days. Its manageable but I have other  films to review as well. (I think the Fantasia reviews are going to run past the festival)

If you want a clue as to what I've seen check our Tumblr page since I'm posting stills of what I'm seeing as I see them.

Okay enough chit chat I have some ninja movies to get to.

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