Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Steak (R)evolution (2015)

I originally saw this film back in April at the tail end of Tribeca. Worn out from seeing 90 films I said the following:

Food porn for carnivores as director Franck Ribière travels the globe to find out how to get the best steak. This is a really great film that I need to see again. I saw this toward the end of the fest and was way too tired to truly enjoy it to the fullest extent. The best thing I can say is I can't wait to see it again.

Thanks to the people at Kino Lober I've seen it again and all I can say is this is a great film (and I can't wait to see it again).

The film is the search for the best steak in the world. Its a quest that starts when the director has a steak at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn and realizes that there are different types of steak in the world and that the meat he has eaten in France may not actually be the best. This then sets him and his crew off on and around the world trip that takes him from France, to the US, Argentina,Japan, Corsica and numerous other places.

What I love about the film is that the film isn't just about steak but the history of food, ecology, healthy eating, animal rights and the social impact of it all. This isn't a film thats just about one thing  there is way more going on to the extent that even though I've seen the film a couple of times now I still need to revisit.

What I found cool, and whats kind of making writing this review difficult, is that each time I've seen the film I've seen it through different eyes. The first time through I was just over whelmed by it all I just tried to take it all in but was wondrously unable to. I just watched as this really cool movie washed over me. The second time through I focused on the history of eating- things like how under Anglo American influence Europe stopped boiling meat in the 1950's and switched to grilling- however the animals in Europe weren't raised the right way for that- there is no fat- so they were terrible for grilling. The third time through I focused on the ecological issues and the correct way to raise the cows. Who knows what the fourth time will bring.

If you want to know how much I like the film all you need do is consider that I've seen the film three times since April .

I suspect that some of the you are vegans or vegetarians and are horrified about the subject, and that's your right, but at the same time,  there is enough here to make me tell you to give the film a shot because there is actually a lot more going on than just a discussion of meat. If you take the time to see the film I think you'll find yourself enriched on several levels. I don't think it will change your mind, you won't go out and order a steak, but you'll have learned something about society and its food choices.

The film opens Friday in New York at the IFC Center and on August 28th around the country.

See this film. (and have dinner plans for after it)

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