Saturday, July 25, 2015

You must see BUNNY THE KILLER THING (2014) at Fantasia 2015

If you're any where near Montreal tonight you need to get to Fantasia and see BUNNY THE KILLER THING. Trust me if you love batshit crazy off the deep end films you have to see this. In all seriousness this maybe one of the greatest midnight films ever made. Its certainly a can't miss party film.

The plot of the film has a man injected with a serum that tuns him into a a giant bunny like creature with a huge 3 foot hard-on . He then roams the country side looking for women. He of course encounters people in a cabin....

This film is review proof.

Either you're going to want to see a black comedy about man in a bunny suit and three foot penis running around the Finnish woods looking to score and kill people or you're not. If you have no desire to see it you've moved on, if on the other hand you have a desire to see this you're either buying a ticket or trolling the internet to find a copy.

I applaud the second group.

Is it a perfect film?

Of hell no, there are dead spots and groaners but there is more than enough good moments to push this into classic midnight cult film territory.

Make no mistake this is low brow exploitation- it mixes horror comedy and grossness in ways that are unnatural. But its really well done.

The film gets one screening tonight at 1155 at Fantasia. If you can go do so. If not, mark this film on to you're must find list because I know this is coming to a screen near you real soon.

Forr tickets and information go here.

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