Sunday, July 19, 2015

IN BRIEF: The Shamer's Daughter (2014) Fantasia 2015

Dina has inherited her mother's ability to look into a person's soul and see what's there. She can effectively make a person feel shame for what they are and what they've done. When the Lord, his wife and young children are found killed her mother is brought to the castle to shame the suspect- Nicodemus, the heir to the throne- who was found dead drunk with blood on his hands. However when Dina's mother insists that Nicodemus is innocent Dina is brought in to give the right finding. However when she too won't give the answer the Drakan Lord of Justice wants her life, is put in danger.

Not to put too fine a point on it SHAMER'S DAUGHTER may very well be one of the best fantasy's you'll ever run across, and if it's not quite in the league of Lord oft he Rings, it's only by a hairs breadth . Its one hell of a story full of suspense, adventure, great characters and dragons in the dungeon. This film just gets it right from start to finish.

I don't know what else to say this is just a damn good movie. It doesn't need me to do anything about it other than to get you a ticket to it or press a copy into your hands. I'd like to tell you to check it out at Fantasia but the film's only screening happened yesterday afternoon. I guess that's all that's left to say is put this on your must see lists

(And I'm told by the Fantasia Twitter  feed they are hoping to do a sequel.-fantastic-I'm dying to see what happens next).

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