Sunday, July 19, 2015

IN BRIEF:Teana: 10,000 Years Later (2015) Fantasia 2015

In the future Devil Wu was imprisoned by a goddess. a thousand years later Devil Wu is released by his disciples in the hopes that he will revived the old world. Its up to a band of heroes to fight him.

This probably looks great in 3D. In 2D this looks like a video game on the big screen. Its not something you need to see. Stripped of the gee whiz factor of the visuals the film doesn't have much to recommend it. The plot is old hat, and it cobbles together bits from other better films. It also doesn't help that the English dub is merely adequate.

I have to say that I find it odd that a film created using computers and the latest technology is about the evils of said technology.

Worth a shot if you ever get a chance to see this in 3D on the big screen but other wise this can be missed.

Possibly the blandest film at this years Fantasia

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