Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Round Trip Heart (2015) Japan Cuts 2015

This is a must see film for the performance Koji Okura playing a movie producer who becomes a traveling companion for Yuko Oshima. Its a lead character role that is truly something special.

But I'm getting ahead of myself....

ROUND TRIP HEART stars Yuko Oshima as one of the train attendants that sell snacks in the train cars along the tourist routes. One day after running into tall lanky Koji Okura she finds herself off the train and traveling around to the sites. As she travels around she begins to reflect on her life, the road not taken and where she might head off to in the future.

Difficult to describe film is really something special. The film is full of great characters and great reflections on life and living.

However the best thing in the film are the two leads. Oshima makes for a wonderful lead. She is some one we can relate to and care about. There is something about the way she relates to the world that makes easy for us to relate to her.

Standing above her, both literally and figuratively is the great Koji Okura who makes his character someone that you're going to remember long after the rest of the film has faded. Dressed in a odd wide brimmed black hat and an ill fitting jacket Okura doesn't need to say anything to let us know everything about hs character. Just the way he stands or moves or smiles tells us everything. Looking back over his resume (St John's Wart, Japan Sinks, Heaven's Door , ect) I realized how many times I had seen him but never noticed him. After seeing him in this film I don't think I'll ever not not see him ever again. Its an amazing performance.

And don't kid yourself this is a great little  film. Despite my fixating on one performance there is a great deal going on and I'm looking forward to seeing the film again.

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