Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nightcap 7/26/15 SOUND + VISON, ANIMATION BLOCKPARTY and Randi's links

I know we've been doing mostly festivals the last month or so but there's more coming.
Wednesday Lincoln Center’s newest annual series SOUND + VISION opens. This is a fantastic collection of music documentaries from around the world. On the basis of last year’s selections this year’s series should kick serious butt.

The selection runs the gamut from a film on Haydn (IN SEARCH OF HAYDN), to a film on ska (LEGENDS OF SKA) to a look at Musicians who have to make music despite a ban bu Islamic fundamentalists (YOU WILL HAVE TO KILL US FIRST) to a free but silent screening of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW where the audience will wear headphones. Its a completely ecclectic and wonderful slate of films that is a must see.

The thing of real interest for me is the films of Julian Temple. He directed some great documentaries and the chance to see films like CLASH NEW YEARS DAY 77,  JOE STRUMMER THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN or THE FILTH AND THE FURY on a big screen with big sound is too good to pass up. I’m hoping to get to see a few of them.

Coverage here at Unseen is going to be hit or miss. Because of scheduling conflicts anything I get to is going to be the a last minute decision.

For tickets, the complete slate and more details go to the series page here
Animation Block Party starts Thursday here in New York. This is a glorious celebration of animation from around the world. It’s a killer showcase for films you may never see otherwise.

The fest begins with a free screening at Brookfield place down by the World Trade Center site before moving over to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for three days of insanity. There are some really cool things coming to the BAM. First is the anniversary screening of GHOST IN THE SHELL. More so than the manga that spawned it the film changed science fiction and how we view man/machine inter face. Its also a damn good film. The festival is also screening a collection Sesame street bits. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 45 years you know how good that stuff is.

For information on all the Animation Blog Party events in the city go here.

The BAM portion of Animation Block Party's information and tickets can be had here
New releases mix with more Fantasia films this week. There is so much coming from Fantasia that reviews are coming straight through to August 7.

On the whole Fantasia's selections have been really good. There have been a few stinkers but largely this is once again a banner year.

I am trying to get the stuff reviewed before the films screen, but some times that isn't possible so if there is something you're curious about what I saw don't worry there is a good chance it maybe coming. On the other hand some things like ATTACK ON TITAN I haven't gotten access to.  Either way keep reading because more films than any sane mind can take in are coming .
And now and over flowing bounty of  Randi's links

Images from a new Al Hirschfeld book
Memories of the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Remember that weird TCM Dick Tracy Special?
Space Volcanos
All the Criterion DVD titles plus links to the lasers, special editions and announced but never was
The almost Tim Burton Superman
Cartel Land stories
The MUPPET SHOW  Comic Con panel
DOOMED on the Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie
MR TURNER sex scenes cause complaints
Old time radio
Robot Soccer
Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, and Grace Jones to star in Teutonic supernatural silent Western
Steven Universe
Embroidered Zoetropes (this is wickedly cool)
Which Angry New Yorker are you?
Chicago artist turns the city into a Monopoly gameboard
Being short at a concert
Giant animals you've never seen
A largely lazy list of the 100 best American films

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