Friday, July 3, 2015


Absolutely wonderful romantic comedy that starts off as the story of a college girl who is in a novel writing class who ends up working at the titled coffee shop...but there's more to it than that.

Impossible to describe with out wrecking it film, there are stories within stories that become other things, It's one of my favorite films at this years NYAFF. I've been so swamped with film screeners that I've started assigning bonus points to the films I watch depending upon how distracted I become when watching a film. The less I'm distracted the more points the film gets. I just stared at the screen during CAFE.WAITING. LOVE. over the whole film and then when it was finished I searched the internet for a DVD copy.

This is just a great film. I've seen a couple other romcoms from this year's NYAFF and they pale in comparison. Actually most romcoms this year pale in comparison.

The film works for two reasons. First it is filled with fantastic characters. Once the story is set  up and the characters are allowed to be they do some amazing things. Almost nothing is quite as expected...

...which jumps me immediately to the plot, Its gloriously all over the place, or seems to be. Actually what seems to be all over the place is actually carefully constructed as we are told one thing which is revealed to be another and yet turns out to be a third thing. This happens time and time again and with each revelation we get a big smile as truths bring sighs "oh course, that makes sense". The twists and turns are such that I don't dare tell you anything lest I spoil some sort of surprise- everyone and everything has some hidden side that reflects on some one else.

Trust me you want to discover this on your own.

This film is pure magic. Finding gems like this is what NYAFF is all about.

The film runs Thursday the 9th at 930 and if you can handle the late night it's an absolute must see.

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