Monday, July 6, 2015

Second Chance (2014) NYAFF 2015

Teenage girl living on her own in her family's pool hall needs a guardian or else she's getting tossed into foster care. She desperately needs to find her uncle, an AWOL pool champ who disappeared years earlier after a match gone bad.

Thoroughly enjoyable crowd pleaser is a great deal of fun despite being so full of sport cliches there is very little tension. You''l know exactly where this is going but you really won't care because the cast is so game they manage to sell it and keep you interested even though you know in your heart this isn't anything special...

...on the other hand this film is so enjoyable and so much fun you really won't care.

Although it may sound strange a must see film for anyone who just wants a really good time at the movies. Its such a good time it's actually one of the best films at NYAFF this year.

The film is playing July 11 at SVA

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