Saturday, July 11, 2015

And The Mud Ship Sails On (2014)

36 year old Takashi difts through life  with only his grandmother and a single friend to keep him company. Dead set against getting a job Takashi's life is suddenly rattled to its core when a young woman shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his half sister and looking for their father.

Dry wry black and white comedy that seems to have been in fused with some of the energy of early Jim Jarmusch this is a very funny film if you like this sort of humor. Made up of long takes the film the film draws us int Takashi's loopy world and makes us a party to his frequent inertia and funny turns of a phrase.

The film turns surreal in the final third as Takashi drifts through a landscape and events barely rooted in reality. I'm not sure how it works with the preceding. The weirdness is very funny but I'm not sure it really ties into to the the first two thirds. I was left feeling as though I had most certainly seen something special but I wasn't sure if I liked it over all.

Reservations aside this is definitely worth a look see for the adventurous film goer.

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