Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm not reviewing SEA FOG (aka Haemoo) (2014) just yet but go see it at Fantasia

I'm doing a short piece on HAEMOO for two reasons. First the film has been kicking around the festival circuit  for the last six months or so and I don't feel like it's live or die since I know a good number of the regular readers have seen it.  The other reason is that with the crush of films at Fantasia I can't spare the time to write the film up the way it should be written up. Simply put HAEMOO kicks serious ass and I need the time to do its themes and such justice.

The plot of the film has  a captain trying to convince the owner not to sell the ship. There are ways to make money...and so the decision is made to ferry a bunch of Chinese immigrants to shore. What should be an easy job turns by degrees more and more difficult as the crew and cargo clash, the coast guard shows up and the the plots and plans of the various people are revealed.

Its a white knuckle trip into hell that will knot up your stomach and make you talk to the screen.

I really like the film a great deal. I like it so much that I'm holding off reviewing it until I can really sit down and write it up- and watch it again since I was so into the film that I didn't take any notes. I'm mentioning the film because the film is so good you really need to see it, and since you only have one shot at seeing it, tonight at 950, I can't dicker around.

GO see this film. Trust me this is a big screen movie.

For tickets and more information go here.

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