Monday, July 20, 2015

I've seen Meathead Goes Hog Wild (2015) but I'm holding off reviewing it until I can see it again. Fantasia 2015

I can't review this film.

I don't mean it in a bad way. I simply mean that this is one of those films where  the line in the festival description :

MEATHEAD GOES HOG WILD is not an easy film to describe, and it’s much more than what the ... synopsis or its seemingly quirky title hints at. It’s surely one of the most gonzo discoveries of 2015, a fascinating dive into a snake pit of disillusionment and alienated rage that poignantly addresses identity issues and racial tensions with invention, emotional rawness and amazingly odd streaks of humour.

is dead on. I need to see it again before I can really talk about it.

What I can say is MEATHEAD GOES HOG WILD is a truly unique cinematic experience that is by turns distancing, inviting, horrifying and very funny.  It has a low budget look  but high level ideas. Its a film that upends your expectations - even if you have none, even if you're told it's not going to be what you expect- its something else completely.

If I told you that the story concerns a guy who gets fired from a meat store, He then returns to get his job back but finds no one there so he breaks in, steals some meat and then tries to give it all away only to have the worst night of his life happen, you still wouldn't have any clue as to what awaits you.

You might think its a riff on Scorsese's AFTER HOURS or FALLING DOWN, and on some level you'd be right but also wrong since this film is going for more, its trying to make a point about class, about entitlement, about the racial divide and a few other things. Its a film that is very much going to go it's own way with moments that make you wonder how does this fit into the sysnopsis I was given.

Frankly I'm still sorting this all out. I'm still trying to work out what it all means or how I feel about it. That last one is hard to deduce....

Actually it's not. Good bad or indifferent this is a unique film. this is something special. This is something that is going to get under your skin and provoke a reaction. This is a film by filmmakers who want to challenge their audience, This my friends is exactly what Unseen Films was set up to highlight.

The films only showing is tonight at 7:35 and is a must see for anyone who loves to walk the fringes of cinema or who loves films that are no where near the beaten path.

This may very well be a masterpiece.

For tickets and more information go here.

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