Saturday, January 23, 2016

Waves 98 (2015) Sundance 2016

"I am tired of all of the depressing stories"

Winner of the Short Film Palme D’Or at Cannes last year WAVES 98 is a mix of animation and live action that sets a definite mood and a feeling of isolation. Its a wonderful little film that really should be seen on the big screen.

The plot of the film follows Omar as he travels from the outskirts of Beirut into the city where he connects with several people but still finds himself oddly isolated.

The first thing you need to know is that the the film's official description adds all sorts of details that are not in the film. What the film is isn't quite what it's advertised to be. That isn't a bad thing since the film stands up on it's own nicely.

What sells the film are the visuals. There are numerous sequences that are just stunning.  I loved the image manipulation as things freeze- or not in frame - during Omar's scooter ride. Also some of the later pieces involving the golden elephant are just awesome to see.

This is a stunning film and definitely worth searching out-especially if you are Sundance.

Public Screening #1: Saturday, January 23, 12:00PM – (Temple Theatre, Park City)

Public Screening #2: Sunday, January 24, 12:00PM – (Redstone Cinema 7, Park City)

Public Screening #3: Tuesday, January 26, 3:00PM – (Broadway Centre Cinema 6, Salt Lake City)

Public Screening #4: Saturday, January 30, 8:30PM – (Holiday Village Cinema 1, Park City)

For tickets go here.

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