Monday, January 25, 2016

Wedding Doll (2015) New York Jewish Film festival 2016

Hagit is a mentally handicapped young woman working in a toilet paper factory. Her mother has largely put her life on hold to care for her daughter and as a result she can be a bit over bearing. When Hagit begins to drift into a kind of romance with the boss's son things become complicated, more so when the factory is scheduled for closing.

The reason to see this film is Moran Rosenblatt's thrilling performance as Hagit. A wonderfully nuanced performance full of light and shadow this is the sort of performance that gets one noticed and calls from Hollywood and major film companies. The performance is so good that I would probably fall down in utter disbelief if I met Rosenblatt and she wasn't like her character. Equally as good is Asi Levi playing Hagit's mom, Sara.

Bittersweet though never sad, but frequently quite happy, WEDDING DOLL is a film of quiet power. Its a film that you slip into like a pair of well worn slippers. However once you are in you find that you are powerless to either take them off or not to go where they take you. I was happy to go where ever it took me and when it was done I was very curious where everyone ended up. Thats a testament to brilliant acting, great filmmaking and script that doesn't take the easy way out for anything it does.

This is one of the gems of this years New York Jewish Film Festival

WEDDING DOLL plays this afternoon and tonight at The New York Jewish Film Festival. For tickets and more information go here.

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