Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ava's Possessions opens Friday in theaters and on VOD

I saw AVA'S POSSESSIONS last year during Fantasia and I loved it. As soon as I was done seeing it I was texting and emailing all my friends who love horror films to tell them that the film existed. I didn't say much about the film, I just made it clear that they had to see the film when they could.  The attitude of saying little about the film and just kind of just pressing it into the hands of people for them to discover carried over when I  wrote up a short review. I didn't say much, simply stressing just see the film... Almost a year on that's still my attitude. While I can replay chunks of the film in my head, my feeling that you all need to see the film and not have me talk about it is still the way to go which is why I'm now reposting my review from Fantasia

Feeling like the low budget horror films from the late 1980's and early 1990's AVA'S POSSESSIONS is a unique take on the demonic possession genre in that if focuses on what happens after the fact.

The plot has Ava being exorcised of a demon after 28 days. Her whole life is a mess, her boyfriend is gone, her friends and family are wary and the police want her locked up.Given a choice between jail, a hospital or Spirit Possession Anonymous, she chooses the last one and then things begin to get weird.

Small scale horror film with some thrills, some chill and a couple of laughs (Spirit Possession Anonymous) this is an entertaining little film. Playing better than many recent small horror films of the direct to home video variety, this is film that hits all the right buttons. While I don't have a lot to say about the film, my two reactions when the film was done was "That was really good" and most importantly "I know a bunch of people I need to show this to." That's very high praise indeed.

AVA'S POSSESSIONS hits theaters and VOD this Friday

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