Monday, March 14, 2016

The Bronze (2016)

THE BRONZE stars and is co-written by Melissa Rauch, from The Big Bang Theory.

The film starts off with us watching a young Hope Ann Gregory’s, Olympic gymnastics routine, before cutting to the bedroom of an adult Hope Ann Gregory, who is watching herself on TV. She is wearing her US Olympic jacket and with her bedroom completely decorated with not only her medals, but with US Olympic memorabilia, including her bed sheets. She still has the same style ponytail with bangs as she did when she was a kid. She lives with her father, a postman, to whom she is bossy and awful. We soon find out how bratty and obnoxious Hope is when as he makes her breakfast, she goes and steals money from his mail truck. He catches her and winds up putting a lock on the door.  She is completely selfish, spoiled and annoying. I couldn’t stand her. I kept wondering if I would ever wind up liking her, or if her personality would change at all by the end of the movie.

Hope’s former gymnastics coach commits suicide, unexpectedly, and Hope receives a letter in the mail, saying if she trains the coach’s new gymnastic hopeful, Maggie Townsend, she will get $500,000. She reluctantly agrees, but tries to sabotage Maggie. The town has Hope’s name all over it and she is worried that if Maggie does well, her name will replace hers. Maggie is adorable and so is Ben, who co-owns and works at the gym.  They were by far the most likable characters in the movie. Hope slowly warms up to both Maggie and Ben, and even winds up crushing on Ben, which was very unexpected. Does Hope help Maggie succeed? What happens with Hope and Ben? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

This movie is supposed to be a comedy, and while there were a couple of laughs. I didn’t find it all that funny, (actually I didn’t really hear anybody laughing in the theater). The movie was entertaining to watch, but I wouldn’t recommend that people rush and pay to see it when it comes out , but it might be fun to watch it on Netflix or whatnot sometime in the future.

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