Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In Brief: A non review of In The Last Days of the City (2016) NDNF 2016 (March 26)

Started in 2007 and shooting was completed in 2010 right before the Arab Spring upended everything.  The editing was then put on hold for three years before director Tamer El Said went back to shape the material.

The film concerns a film director struggling to make a film that reveals the life of Cairo, his city, just as it physically and socially is undergoing an upheaval.. As he tries to figure out what to do friends send him material from around the world

Deeply meditative work is going to either thrill you or bore you. Personally I was torn about the film, since I loved a great deal of it, it looks great, it has all sorts of great ideas kicking around, the trouble was that ten minutes in I knew I was in the wrong head space to see this film. Knowing I had one shot at the film I stayed with it despite knowing it was the wrong time to see and truly meet the film head on.

While I can't rightly review the film I can say without fear that this is a film you really must see. There is something about it that haunts you, even if you are like me and not in the right place for it. A heady mix of ideas and gorgeous images this is the perfect film for those who want more than just entertainment,  And be prepared to have a conversation after the film.

The film plays March 26 and 27. For tickets and more information go here.

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