Friday, March 25, 2016

In Brief: Neon Bull (2015) New Directors New Films 2016

NEON BULL is the story of  a mother, her daughter and three men who transport bulls around Brazil.

That's about it. They travel around and that's it.

Well there's a sport that's essentially organized cow tipping, a sex scene, a hand job for a horse, a woman shaving her privates in the front of a truck and some weird dancing with a horse head rubber mask- and that's about it.

Sadly there isn't much drama which explains why the New Director New Films synopsis talks about the sex scene as being a highlight. And it is, but largely because it's one of the few things that actually happen during the course of the film. Does it lead to anything? Nope the film just fades out after one shot of of one of the characters after that.

To be honest this isn't a bad film but I have no idea what the point is. I could easily have not seen this film and slept an extra two hours.

The film plays tonight and tomorrow at New Directors New Films. For more information and tickets go here.

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