Thursday, March 10, 2016

Much Loved (2015) Renez Vous With French Cinema 2016

Banned in Morocco where the film takes place for having a complete contempt for morals, MUCH LOVED is the story of three women, later four, who are high priced call girls and their driver.

Sexually explicit film (verbally not visually) this is simply the trials and tribulations of the women over a period of time. Semi-nonjudgmental, the music cues tend to imply how we should feel about the women. Its well acted and for the most part well made.

The trouble here is the script which doesn't really do anything with the women except go through their paces- and hit all of the expected cliches including a needy boyfriend, pedophilia,lesbianism, drug use, corrupt cops, and even death. I knew the film was near the end when a death occurs, though not to anyone you'd expect, which means the ending can be semi-happy.

Watching the film early one morning just over a week ago, I had two over riding thoughts, the first was that I was going to be able to determine what was going to happen, and I did. The other was that the film was not worth my getting out of bed an hour and a half early to see it. It wasn't bad, but if I missed it I wouldn't have been upset.

The film plays March 10 and 11 at Lincoln Center. For tickets and more information go here.

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