Monday, March 7, 2016

You're Killing Me (2015) is on DVD and VOD

YOU'RE KILLING ME is a horror comedy romance about a serial killer named Joe who gets mixed up with a dwindling group of friends. It is a film that is going to probably have a hard time finding it's audience because of the wild tonal shifts between horror and hi-jinx not to mention copious amounts of blood.

This is a film that I've spent a long time thinking about and seriously considered not reviewing. Its not that it's a bad film, more it's a film full of over the top campy humor that I really don't like. Its not that I have anything against the stupid funny jokes, its more the insistence on pushing it an extra step into forced camp that really kept me from clicking with the film. It was much too deliberate for my tastes and ten minutes in I knew I was not going to be able to give the film a fair shake and I was seriously considering emailing the PR person who sent me the film and tell him that for maybe the second time in the history of Unseen Films I was not going to review a film I said I would.

And then something weird happened, we got to the first killing and I became intrigued. There was something about the killing, the matter of factness of it, and the realistic nature (for the most part) that had me not turning off the film and soldiering on. Actually what I started to do was disassociate Joe from he rest of the film.  To me I started to watch the film not as a comedy horror romance but as a serial killer movie.

Looking at  Joe and the killings removed from the comedy I realized that had this been played straight on as a horror film or a portrait of a serial killer this would have been a kick ass movie. There is something disturbing about the way the killing happen that are just troubling. From Joe's first kill matter of factly going "Did you just stab me" in disbelief which is followed by a chilling little moment as Joe sticks his finger into the wound on through moments like one kill laying in the back of a car saying " I don't feel anything" so Joe beating him to death with a wrench, Its an act that's witnessed by a drunk who Joe also beats to death before stopping to answer his phone. It's a funny moment, but it's not. It weirdly disturbing if you think about it, especially if you've read on serial killers who occasionally tell of being interrupted by a call or visitor.

To me this rally could have been a properly troubling horror film instead of a too silly comedy with blood.

Should you see it?

If you like over the top camp go for it. If you like serial killer films and want to see something a bit different give it a shot.

YOU'RE KILLING ME hits home video tomorrow.

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