Thursday, March 24, 2016

Weiner (2016) New Directors New Films 2016

What was supposed to be a cinematic portrait of one time Congressman Anthony Weiner's run for the Mayor of New York City, instead turns into something else as Weiner's  misdeeds takes him out of the race as the media goes on a witch hunt.

Surprisingly sympathetic look at Weiner plays as a grand uncomfortable comedy. Weiner comes a cross an a lovable schmo who's mad texting two years before rippled through his campaign. What he's forced to do to remain in the hunt for higher office is at time quite silly. I suspect that the term Operation McDonalds will eventually find it's way in to our lexicon.

What amazed me about the film is that it's clear that the real villain was the media. They wanted to pull Weiner down and they were looking to take him down no matter what. What they found was one of the people Weiner had texted, a 23 year old blackjack dealer who was more than happy to  ride her connection to the story to short term fame and fortune. Nothing happened between them except texts but that didn't stop the media who blew a two year old story out of proportion and made  not telling the exact truth a hanging offense.

Seriously all Weiner did was not tell the paper how many people he texted and so he was vilified. Never mind that his wife had forgiven him. The worst thing they really could hang on him was refusing to answer the same questions they had asked a thousand times before.Or in the case of  the infamous shouting match in a bakery take an exchange where his wife was insulted out of context. Whats amazing is that we realize how wrong the pundits are as experts make grand pronouncements on video clips taken out of context- context WEINER gives

You will hate the news media with a deep passion when the film  is done.

Weiner the man isn't perfect, he is a bit self centered and bit of a twit but if nothing else he's a passionate fighter who seems to really believe in what he says. Watching the film I realized that Weiner would have been an excellent Mayor, certainly much better than the ineffective current one,

I really liked this film a great deal. I love that it revealed the true story of a story we thought we all knew but really didn't. Its a film that will go a long way in correcting an injustice and rehabilitating a reputation

One of the best films at this years New Directors

The film plays tomorrow and Saturday with a regular release later in the year.

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