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Nightcap 3/27/16 Bring me the head of Sam Peckinpah starts Friday. random notes and Randi's links

Bring Me the Head of Sam Peckinpah is a series at Lincoln Center that is running every feature film that Peckinpah made. The man was a maverick and a one of a kind individual and his films are full of similar men.

The title comes from one of the bleakest films you'll ever see BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA which is filled with losers doing desperate things and ending up dead. The title is a joke but the film kicks you in the face. Actually many of his films do with THE WILD BUNCH and STRAW DOGS changing the way we see on screen violence.

I am not a huge fan of the director. I find that he made a bunch of classics and even more films that have great things in them but leave me wondering what he was thinking. And yet I am drawn back to the WTF film much more than the well known classics simply because they are so damn interesting.

If you haven't seen the classics or if you don't know the really odd ball films he made (CONVOY and OSTERMAN WEEKEND for example) go see something.

For tickets and more information go here.

After really going through the Batman V Superman reviews it’s clear that sites like Rotten tomatoes are killing film writing. Because they reduce everything down to good or bad there is no middle ground. The result is that films like BVS are vilified as being beyond bad but if you read the reviews you find that not the case. It’s not the bomb the low ratings portray but something much more complex.

Rotten Tomatoes is killing the need for film critics all together because its wiping out all need for opinion beyond yea or nay.


Allow me a snarky comment-

A  great mission accomplished to everyone in the world who screamed at Tribeca about the film VAXXED about the controversy over vaccinations (people are wrongly arguing about it so its controversial). Not only did you get the film removed from the film festival, where it was to pay at 40 bucks a seat as a special event (yea you!)  but you gave the film way more exposure than it ever would have gotten had you allowed it be be laughed off the screen by the six poodles and the orangutan who would have been dumb enough to pay to see it. (boo you!)

Sometimes its better to ignore something then shout it to the roof tops.

This week is a few new release, some new posts and other fun stuff
And now Randi's links

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