Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pictures from and a brief report on the NYICFF screening of THE LITTLE PRINCE

I met John, Randi, and Bully met up for lunch earlier today and then Randi and I went to see THE LITTLE PRINCE at the SVA theater in NYC.
I"m not going to do a review right now, (Actually Randi is going to do the review). All I have to say is it does the book justice, is gorgeous to look at, has the perfect English voice cast and will move you to tears.Its  masterpiece that doesn't miss a beat and a film that is destined to be a true classic.
Before the film director Mark Osborne came out and did an introduction. He then brought his son Riley on stage, he had provided the voice of The Little Prince and the two of them ran the t-shirt toss.
After the film they brought out one of the puppets of the Little Prince. It was given to Riley after the film was finished. The clothes for the character were made of paper, When they were doing the stop motion they had to make new clothes after each two seconds of film were shot. The copy of the book here is the one Osborne's wife had given him when they were dating.
The Q&A started when the end credits began to roll because they are so long  it would have cut into the available time to talk with the audience.
During the Q&A Fox left up and answered a few questions. (Sorry it's blurry but I had to shoot from the hip)
Mark Osborne Takes audience questions and is absolutely charming to everyone.
Afterwards Mark Osborne met the crowd. When he needed to explain something about the fox toy he brought it over to the delight of everyone. He then spent the rest of the evening signing autographs, drawing foxes and posing with the kids and the fox, proving he is one of the classiest directors I've ever run across. He certainly knows how to work a crowd and make friends. (Hopefully I will be speaking with him down the road)

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