Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nightcap: Spring Festival Season is about to take over the world-literally plus Randi's links

The Spring Film Festival season is getting ready to bloom. No matter where you are there are fests to delight you and tickets are going on sale…

The Dallas Film Festival runs April 14 to 24th and it has a super line up including Johnnie To's OFFICE and WEINER on the disgraced politician Online ticket sales will be available for Dallas Film Society members beginning Monday, March 21 at, and will open to the public on Thursday, March 24. The physical Prekindle Box Office at Mockingbird Station will open on Thursday, March 31
Tasmania’s Stranger With My Face International Film Festival will return for its fourth edition from April 14-17, 2016.  All the information on this genre festival can be found here.
New Directors New Films starts March 16th. This annual retrospective films from New Directors is the place to see what maybe the next big thing. I'll have a ton of coverage starting next weekend (I've seen about 15 films already). I just want to say tickets are on sale so go buy some tickets. Information can be found here.
Tribeca has announced its first round of films and it looks great with new stuff from Sion Sono and Ben Wheatley among others. More is due to be announced Tuesday. There is no schedule announced but keep watching their site (and this one for more details). Individual tickets aren’t on sale yet but there are ticket packages.
Kino is one of the best festivals in New York. It is also probably one of the most over looked. The over looked part is something even we at Unseen are guilty of despite covering it over the last three years.

Kino is quite simply the best place to see great films from Germany. Actually just great films period. I say that because I cannot I all honesty remember a single film that wasn’t good. That’s an amazing thing. The festival has bounced around the calendar the last couple of years but it seems to have landed right in April for good.

As of right now I’m not sure how much coverage we’re going to provide, it overlaps with the run up for Tribeca, but in all honesty you don’t need me to tell you what to see with Kino, it’s all good (No really sight unseen I’m telling you it is) so go see a film or six.

Tickets and more details are here.
Lincoln Center is running every film that Sam Peckinpah ever directed.The series is called Bring me the Head of Sam Peckinpah Its all here from first to last. If you’re fan of the man who is best known for reinventing on screen violence with THE WILD BUNCH or if you don’ know the man’s work its time to go and see his films on the big screen. Actually this is the perfect time to cleanse your palate of the idea of Sam and violence. He had more going on than blood. Actually if you’ve never seen his smaller films (ie not WILD BUNCH or STRAW DOGS) see any or all of the others because the effect of seeing them will alter what you think of him.

The series runs the end of the month and early April and tickets can be had here.
The annual look at documentary films that are something more than just documentaries, THE ART OF THE REAL is coming in April to Lincoln Center. They announced all the titles on Friday and all of the information is here. I have a long stack of films in the pile to watch so expect lots of coverage.
For those in Australia MONSTER FEST is coming in November. Yes I know thats a long way off but we are looking to cover it. Right now submissions are being accepted. For details go here

Can't make the fests? Keep reading because with luck we'll make you feel like you are there even if you're not.
And this week Rendez-Vous With French Cinema continues at Lincoln Center and we'll finally start dropping reviews
I’ve been asked by a friend to mention that the  Cynthia Nixon headed JAMES WHITE is hitting DVD and home video on March 22

I have not seen the film but I’ve heard that Nixon’s performance makes the film a must see. Look for a review closer to time.
As this posts I may have seen my last film for the New York International Children’s Film Festival. I have a ticket for LITTLE DOOR GODS for next weekend but conflicts are rising up so that may not happen. I hope to pick up more films the last weekend (the 19th and 20th) if my schedule remains clear, so there maybe more coming…

…But if not I have to say this has been the best year so far. They really kicked ass. –If you’re free the next two weeks go see something.
And now Randi’s links

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