Friday, March 11, 2016

Sunny in the Dark (2016)

Jonah is a therapist who doesn't much care for social interaction. His world has to be ordered. Moving into a new apartment building he lives a quiet spartan life completely unaware that a young woman named Sunny is living in the storage space above his flat and that she is watching him through a crack in the ceiling.

This little gem is exactly the sort of film that Unseen Films was set up to highlight, something unexpected and deserving of attention. This is one of those neat little films that starts off one way, makes you feel certain you know where it's going and then suddenly you realize you really aren't in Kansas any more.

The material I was sent about the film was for the most part very obtuse. It spoke of two lonely people finding a connection despite being separated by a wall. It didn't go into detail as to the plot, not did it even give a clue as to genre other than perhaps, maybe, a romance.

To be honest I don't what sort of a film this is. It has pieces of enough different genres running through it that I wouldn't be comfortable calling it anything other than a drama since that is a incredibly broad term. If you see the film, I think you probably should, you'll find that there is humor, suspense, romance, thrills and just interpersonal drama. Its a film that weaves together all of it's parts to make something unique.  Its a film that once it grabs you it is going to hold you all the way to the end.

The trick to full appreciating the film is to understand that the film takes a little bit to get going. You have to get through the by the numbers set up before the film starts to go on it's own accord. Frankly until Jonah moves into his new place the film is rather pedestrian. The opening bit didn't really thrill me and I kind of considered turning off the film. Actually it was playing so cliche that had it not been recommended to me  by someone who hasn't yet steered me wrong I really would have stopped it and gone on to something else.  Its only once the move happen that the script kicks into high gear and you get hooked.

And once you're hooked you're going to have a pretty good time with a film that gleefully goes about moving its characters around in ways that will surprise you. Truly while you may guess pieces of where it goes, I doubt very much you'll get every twist and turn in the road.

I apologize for not going into great detail about the plot or characters or anything but this is a film you best discover for yourself. Its a film that isn't typical Hollywood and as such it shouldn't be something that I spoil for you before you have any chance to experience completely on your own.


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