Sunday, December 11, 2016

Be My Cat: A Film For Anne (2015)

Odd ball found footage film is either going to thrill you or bore you to tears. While I like the idea of the film I found it became tedious rather quickly

Nominally edited from 25 hours of footage found at a murder site the film is the footage shot by a seemingly sweet but not all there young man who wants to make a movie with Anne Hathaway. Falling in love with her after seeing DARK KNIGHT RISES he proceeds to shoot some footage in the form of a video letter to convince her to go to Romania and make the film. In order to show her what the film will look like he hires actresses to act out some of the scenes but it all goes horribly wrong as its clear he has no idea what he's doing.

Less terrifying than really uncomfortable this is just like watching a clueless person dream way beyond their reach. In some ways it's incredibly sad. There is no fear, there is no terror, there is only watching our hero, played by writer director and jack of all trades Adrian Tofei do things that prove how clueless he is (the character not the director).

To be honest on a technical level Tofei has made an interesting film. I like the idea of story, and I like how he filmed it. The trouble is the execution really isn't that compelling.  We know it's going to end badly. Tofei's character is less scary monster than misguided nut job so I never fully feared him. I completely get what he was going for but I don't think he succeeded, or if he did it got lost in a film that goes on way longer than it should have.

Its not bad, but its not scary and so its not much of anything.

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