Sunday, December 25, 2016

Nightcap 12/25/16 Happy Holidays, Randi's links

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukah
Happy Kwanza
Happy Boxing Day
A few quick notes before I collapse back under the tree in an eggnog induced stupor…
Reviews this week are going to be limited. This week I’ll be sharing my personal end of the year lists- Disappointments, Worst, Finds and the two part Best of the Year lists. I’ve been going over them again over the last few days and I’m certain that in most cases you are not going to find anything similar anywhere.
I am also working on the Unseen Films Awards. I’m still waiting on a few more ballots-including my own because I’m playing catch up with the year-end releases.
Randi's links

General Tso's Chicken
Anime in China
KFC for Christmas
Steve Martin and Edie Brikell's Bright Star in concert
The movie that people thinks exist but doesn't
Brooklyn Paper puns

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