Monday, December 19, 2016

Panic (1982) (aka Bakterion)

England set Italian horror has a scientist working in a secret lab contaminated by disease hes working on. Stumbling out into the countryside he morphs into a gooey blood sucking monster. When the disease seems to spread the town is sealed off and the villagers are left tp fend for themselves.

Not particularly gory as Italian horror films go this is a reasonably well made thriller more interested in telling a story rather than just grossing people out. While to be certain we have been here before, and while it isn't the best film ever made, it is entertaining nonsense for a rainy afternoon.

What I like about the film is that the film takes itself just seriously enough that you buy it. It also helps that the film takes a uniquely bleak out look in the end, the government is willing to nuke the town to keep the world safe.

While not one of the truly great horror films from Italy it is one of the more more entertaining.

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