Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coming Soon....

This is the pause that refreshes. Actually this is just a note as to the direction this blog is going to take for the next couple of weeks and months.

I suspect some of you are sick of seeing animated films (I kind of am myself) and I just want to say that’s all over for a while. Yes, I’ll have a couple of short animated films this weekend for your viewing pleasure but I’m heading off into new directions with this weekend’s Double Feature of William Powell pre-code films.

Monday I’m making a serious break with “nice” and family friendly with the revenge film Stiletto. This will be followed by four days of the best performances from last year that no one paid any attention to. Apparently I set up the week too early since two of the films, Mother and Harry Brown now are getting good sized releases in the US (Mother is out now and Harry Brown comes at the end of April.)

The week after that are just some really good films with no theme. There is a collection of “spiritual” films for the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, not to mention Passover. More random films will be followed by great films from last years New York Asian Film Festival, a week of horror films in honor of my Moms birthday and a few other goodies. (Going into May overlooked B mysteries, a week of documentaries and we have great war films for Memorial Day)

As is the norm the weekends are double features with a look at two collaborators works for the next two weekends and a biblical double feature for Easter.

After that things are less certain as it appears more of the partners in crime will be coming aboard and they have definite ideas about interesting pairings. And there will be more good stuff coming up so keep reading and check back every day because who knows what's going to show up.

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